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The delicious aroma drew vacationers off of the beach and into the store! The most popular cookie by far was the Snickerdoodle, a old-time recipe perfected by The Great Cookie. The bakery soon became one of the hottest snack spots “down the ocean”. Early success was the result of a commitment to the highest quality ingredients and a baking process second to none. Within months, new locations opened in the busiest malls in the Baltimore metropolitan area. This gold standard continues today and ensures that each and every batch of cookie dough is baked and checked for taste, texture and consistency.


The delicious bakery products on the menu: a fudge brownie (voted “Baltimore’s Best”), Cookies, Cookie Pops, and a Baltimore original, Mini Black Bottoms. But the Snickerdoodle cookie continued to reign supreme as the most popular confection–an all butter sugar cookie rolled in cinnamon sugar with a crispy edge and a soft, chewy center. It outsold the traditional, popular chocolate chip cookie by as much as 3:1! The Cookie Pop became a favorite with kids and moms and the Custom Cookie Cake became a popular alternative to the traditional birthday or celebratory cake. Customers may personalize their cookie cake that is made to order and baked fresh daily. We now send our cookies and 13-inch Custom Cookie Cakes all over the United States at an edible price.

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