Sports Zone Overview

Sports Zone Canada is the largest independent sports retailers in the Waterloo, Ontario area. As a local leader in the sports gear industry, we specialize in providing gear, apparel, and accessories, brand new and used alike, for various types of sports, including hockey, soccer, baseball, football, ringette, lacrosse, field hockey, figure staking and more! We provide hockey gear and other sports gear and apparel such as composite sticks, goalie products, jocks, inline skates, baseball bats and gloves, cleats, batting gloves, catcher equipment, helmets, umpire products, jackets, pants, sliding shorts, footwear, licensed apparel, Huskies, custom sports apparel and other miscellaneous sports accessories for any sports enthusiast!

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Sports Zone  Features
  • image Worldwide Shipping : No
  • image Canadawide Shipping : Yes
  • image Average Shipping Days : 7
  • image Shipping : Priority Shipping, Xpresspost Shipping
  • image Accepted Payment : Stripe, Visa
  • image Local Customer Support : Yes
  • image Multilingual : No
  • image Guest Checkout : No
  • image Newsletter/Flyer Signup : No
  • image Storefront : Yes
  • image Monthly Traffic : 1000-2000
  • image Average Products Ticket Size : CAD25-CAD1200
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