Ring To Perfection Overview

Ring to Perfection, owned by my wife Chantal and I(John), is an online store and blog community for selling and curating the world’s best jewelry and accessories.

It all started when we wanted to find the bridal set for her to wear on our wedding day—the right jewelry and accessories—without paying hundreds of dollars for them. The difficulties we encountered and the little knowledge of the jewelry industry led us to the best idea ever–-creating the Ring to Perfection blog and curating our best jewelry finds from different designers online.

Initially, our idea was to provide couples a guide for wedding and engagements through blogs and articles—with the main goal of helping them avoid the same problems we encountered. Surprisingly, our blog became a HIT! The messages ranging from jewelry tips to product requests instantly flooded, and soon we had to ask for help by expanding our team—adding Denver, Lize, and Nick.

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