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Ever gazed longingly at a dessert menu and wished you could order everything on it from the chocolate cake, to the red velvet cupcake, to the cookies? We’ve built upon this whim and created mini desserts inside our chocolate truffles, neatly packed into a single box. Often called too pretty to eat, our mini confections are as delicious as they are lovely to look at. Many months perfecting how we’d transform our preservative-free and made by hand favorite cakes, candies, bars, and more into bite-sized treats gets us excited about celebrating your every occasion, decadent indulgence, and special gift. Even better, truffles ship nationwide and are available for custom orders!


Well, for us, a lot of love. When we sat down with a batch of our truffles, we realized they contain more than just flavor; they’re filled with personality. Inspired by their look, their taste, and some of our best friends, we decided to give our truffles names they could be proud of. When you enjoy a truffle, we want you to remember the experience, like when you first met your best friend. Or when your roommate surprised you with flowers. Or when your partner-in-crime came through for you … again. We hope you love meeting – er, eating – them all.


Melanie began baking layer cakes when she was just six years old, and her passion for building and decorating beautiful and delicious cakes grows every day! Our cakes are five layers high and are just the centerpiece for any special occasion, from birthdays to wedding days to a corporate celebration. Melanie will work with you on every detail to create a sweet and memorable cake for your guests. Cakes are available for delivery in New York City and the tri-state area.

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