Floorplan Rugs Overview

Floorplan is an agile rug company dedicated to improving the experience of finding and buying great rugs — online, pop-up, at select local shops, and direct to designers and retailers.

Rugs represent a tradition in craftsmanship that extends across regions, millennia and artistic styles — they’re one of the oldest living arts, and they have a practical purpose. They’re warm, comfortable, and they can turn your room upside down — it’s an awesome moment when you see a rug completely reinvent your space. But for a multitude of reasons — lack of information, shady selling practices, an abundance of poor quality products — buying a rug can be a terrible experience.

Our vision is to change all that. Instead, let’s focus on that magical moment of unfurling.

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Floorplan Rugs  Features
  • image Canadawide Shipping : Yes
  • image Average Shipping Days : 8
  • image Local Customer Support : YES
  • image Multilingual : English
  • image Guest Checkout : YES
  • image Storefront : 1933 S Broadway, Suite 1268 Los Angeles, CA
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