Rethinking the Role of the Chief Marketing Officer


Business goals have shifted and now everyone is responsible for driving growth across the organization. Over the past decade, organizations have realized that providing great experiences drives business growth. Therefore, they have begun to respond with the introduction of more titles to the C-suite alphabet soup: “growth, digital, experience, and customer,” to name a few. However, many firms are not succeeding in delivering great experiences due to the one role that is missing: the chief collaborator. The chief marketing officer (CMO) is positioned perfectly to adopt these responsibilities by evolving their role to become the CMO collaborator. This will enable them to drive unparalleled levels of collaboration across the entire organization without adding another unnecessary C-suite title. The accelerating pace of change creates a wide range of potential new priorities for CMOs by reframing their mindsets to the new remit, enabling CMO collaborators to fill gaps left by others in the C-suite. This new remit enables more control in shaping the organization’s brand whilst actively pulling together different departments to embrace customer obsession as the driving force to develop closer connections and growth across the organization.

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