Emerging E-commerce Technologies


Most people are under the misconception that technology in e-commerce is only to do with the platform it is hosted on, whereas technology plays a role in myriad ways. Technology helps maintain the purchase cycle of placing the order, paying for it and processing for returns etc. However, newer technologies develop every day that are poised to create disruptions in this space. Sometimes this technology is something that has just evolved over time, whereas other times it is a completely new concept that takes the industry by storm.

Here are some emerging technologies that are path-breaking innovations in the space of e-commerce:

  • Voice shopping: Most people use voice commands for making calls or for playing songs etc. However, voice can be used for so much more. Experts believe that soon the voice command feature for shopping will become as normal as browsing on a desktop.
  • AR technology: Augmented reality is in itself not a novel concept, but e-commerce companies have started leveraging this technology. This was first used by home décor and interior design companies to provide a virtual look of the homes or the design. In the future, apparel brands are expected to adopt this and let consumers virtually try on clothes thereby reducing the rate of returns.
  • One Click Checkout: One click checkout is a trademark of Amazon but has since been used by many ecommerce companies to make the process of checking out easier. One-click checkout has the potential to decrease shopping cart abandonment, make repeat transactions easier, and increase overall sales.
  • Chatbots: Chatbots are the biggest answers to consumers’ queries and doubts. Smarter and advanced chatbots are now being developed which can address customer concerns and be able to store and analyse information.
  • Digital Supply Chain: On time delivery is a key differentiator for an ecommerce company and hence digitizing the supply chain is a much needed innovation.
  • Demand Driven Forecasting: Amazon is currently experimenting with this new technology wherein they anticipate repeat purchases before the order is placed and ship it. This has the power to save valuable time for the customers by anticipating their needs in advance before they themselves have realised it.
  • Mobile-first UX Strategies: Companies are now looking to keep mobile phones as the primary option for shopping and are hence developing these technologies over traditional desktop formats. Hence, sites are becoming more mobile friendly and agile.

E-commerce’s popularity is definitely on the rise and will keep on increasing. For the generation called ‘digital natives’, ecommerce is a part of life. Similarly, newer technology innovations are paving the way for ecommerce to become an even easier platform to navigate.

Adopting new technologies is not easy, however ecommerce companies both big and small must embrace these new innovations in order to stay ahead in the game. As technology continues to evolve, becoming more sophisticated and advanced, we expect the e-commerce industry to reach unmatched levels of growth by 2020.

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